Do you have the People Effect?

Few people relish the chance to develop their people management capability. You might even see it as the downside to career progression. And yet, if you get this right, you can create a chain of success right through your organisation – starting with you.


The pace of change in business is relentless.

The rapid development of technology is enabling us to connect more easily. But in some cases, it’s actually making the process of doing business more complex than ever.

So, we hand-pick our delegates. And we invite you to come and join an exclusive group of Directors; to peek over the fence and find out what really makes world class organisations tick.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about leadership challenges and issues that are relevant to your business, now. And you will receive meaningful input from people operating at the same level as you. So, it’s an opportunity to take away valuable learning. You will be able to use this learning to contribute to the well being of your people. Also, you’ll be well equipped to take your business to the next level.

How does this Executive event work?

This is a 24 hour event across 2 days; an exclusive event with only 6 spaces available.

Access our video to hear more about People Effect and why this Executive event is needed.

Here, you can read the most frequently asked questions in relation to our Executive event.

People Effect is an exclusive Executive event so terms and conditions apply

In order to gain access to this exclusive event you will be:

  • Employed as a Director of the company
  • Operating in a company large enough to have a management structure, including a company board
  • A member of the Senior Management Team if not the Executive Management Team
  • A decision-maker with people management responsibility
  • Willing to embrace new challenges and prepared to stretch yourself to achieve them
  • Ready with an open mind to fully participate in the event

Register now to book a place or to find out more information, please call Liz on 0161 866 8573