Leadership team development puts the focus on improvement in a systematic and practical way. And it supports participants in the management and motivation of others.

Managers who are responsible for their team’s performance work together with an in-house peer group. Members of the organisation’s Executive Management Team work together as would members of the Senior Management Team. We can deliver this with a single team in isolation or take a twin-track approach and work with different groups simultaneously on a parallel programme.


Damian Broughton’s Story – Leadership Team Development (2017)

Leadership team development“You’ve helped us immensely Robyn in getting us to the position where we are now. I don’t think we’d have got there without your help.

It’s been good to tap into all your experience and I’ve enjoyed hearing your stories in both the one-to-ones and the group settings. Also, you’ve given us tools and processes and I’ve found that really good as well. And I know the team have.

So, thank you. You’ve really contributed to the way we work well together now.”

Damian Broughton, Executive Chairman, DANBRO

Leadership team development as an agent for change

When you’re relying on key people to implement change, our Leadership team development programme takes them through the leadership journey. As a result, they can implement the changes they’ve agreed to and that are vital for the business.

Every programme is tailored to suit the different personality types in the team. So, we don’t attempt to prescribe a set process on the assumption that it will fit everybody.  Nevertheless, it is important to work with the management group collectively and with individual team members as the first step.

Whilst the content will always be tailor-made, this is the typical journey for developing inspirational leaders:

Authentic Followership

Inspirational Leadership

Leader as Role Model

Leader as Coach and Mentor

Working Relationships


Flexible Optimism

Conflict Management

Collaborative Leadership

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