As a Director your role is much more focused on leadership than management. More likely than not you still have direct reports who are tasked with executing the business strategy; and the temptation to roll up your sleeves and muck in can be overwhelming.

The role requires you to be an effective communicator and influencer, without the same level of hands on interaction you enjoyed as a manager. You have to be able to trust your people without interfering and that can prove challenging.

You are a role model (like it or not) and as such your every action is being observed. Your unique challenge is to strike a balance between leading by example and following the direction of others, who are operating closer to the grass roots of the organisation.

Challenges specific to your position, include:

  • Effective communication – of vision and strategy

  • Managing expectations – of peer group and subordinates

  • Consistency of management style – translating strategy to operational practices

  • Defining natural leadership style and managing relationships – upwards and down

  • Ability to adapt leadership styles – to get desired outputs

  • Preparing for and dealing with change

Ideally, we all need time to stop and check where we are and to ensure that we are not the cause of inconsistent business performance. This is difficult to do in isolation and is most efficient and effective with strong external support.

Directors&ManagersPack(RobertsonFox)What we have done successfully with individuals in similar positions is to undertake a programme of Executive Coaching specific to your individual needs.

We have found this to be a good starting point to help you stay on track as well as to keep your focus and momentum in improving yourself and your business.

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