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As a business coach, I have a reputation for helping organisations improve performance through people, rather than systems and processes. After all, people are your greatest asset and so we help you to make the most of that.

Martin Ware’s Story – Working with a Business Coach

Business CoachThe results of working with Robyn as my business coach have been fantastic.  I’m doing less writing; more verbal communication and I’m having more fun. People are choosing to come to me to ask my advice. They ask how to do things. Also, they want to be part of things I’m doing now, because they can see them as being fun and worthwhile.

On a personal level I’m so much happier and so much more relaxed. I have far more job satisfaction. And on a professional level I’m getting opportunities again now. Moreover, I don’t think that would have happened a few months ago.

The technical skills aren’t any different. Nevertheless, I’m being trusted to lead on all sorts of things now. The difference is in how people see me as a potential leader of those things; as opposed to my abilities to do them. I think it’s that subtle change that is making the world of difference.

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Martin Ware, IPA Business Lead, Midlands and Lancashire CSU

Business coach by any other name…

In my role as a business coach, I am one of very few people in my field who has the commercial acumen, business experience, people management expertise, Coaching, NLP and Psychotherapy combination of skills in my back pocket. So, the skill set is there. And my outlook is ‘whatever works for you’ as the client.

With this in mind, I have developed a selection of individual coaching approaches designed to help you give of your best. The benefit to you personally is increased job satisfaction and career progression. The benefit to the organisation is business improvement through greater personal effectiveness.

Menu of choice

So, if you think working with a business coach is the next step, here is a menu of choice to whet your appetite:

EXECUTIVE BREAKTHROUGH: A unique experience. One that’s high energy, fast paced, intensive and time-efficient; and entirely results-focused.

EXECUTIVE COACHING: Creates an environment of high support whilst providing appropriate challenge. This is a bespoke programme which respects your agenda; and helps you to arrive at your own conclusions.

INTEGRATIVE COACH-THERAPY: An holistic approach which enables me to work with the whole person; not just your work persona. Since no single methodology can provide all the answers in every situation; this Coach-Therapy blend offers the best of both disciplines.