Why Robertson Fox

Why would you use us?


  • Listen to your needs and wants and partner you to make it happen
  • Help you and your business grow – sustainably
  • Work with you to improve your personal and business performance so you enjoy more benefits
  • Look for new ways of working so that you are resourced to adapt to changing external factors
  • Make your agenda our agenda, to move you forward as quickly as possible, towards achievement of your career related goals and ambitions
  • Take the lead in monitoring and evaluating progress against success measures, allowing you to focus on the task at hand

When I’m the one for you!

Robyn Robertson of Robertson Fox Ltd

My brand of delivery is all about you and so typically I don’t engage with audiences larger than 40 for interactive presentations and 15 for group change work.

I want to make a connection with each individual in the room; and I’ll adjust on the fly, to tailor each event to suit the needs of its delegates, as I get to know you. I’ve been called an ‘edutainer’ to mean that my delivery is both informative and inspirational; and taking a personal interest has led to that reputation.

So, I’m looking to engage with executive directors and senior managers working for aspirational organisations in the UK; across business of all types.

I also love working with managers who are willing to develop a genuine interest in people – even when it doesn’t come naturally to them; those who recognise that people management is a challenge and would love to learn how to do it more easily and make it more enjoyable.

So, what next?

Call me – 0161 866 8573 – and let’s talk about what you need for your team.

And if you’re employed as a director and a member of the executive or senior management team, click here to watch a short video of our highly rated People Effect event. It’s designed for people having to perform at the same level as you.


If you’re a line manager with people management responsibility, mouse here to learn more about our one-day I.N.S.P.I.R.I.N.G events and book one for your team today. They were created to help teams work better together and inject that feel-good factor into your daily work experience.