From experience, one of the consequences of the recession has been to emphasize the importance of individual contributions to organisation performance. However, the challenges involved in harnessing that potential and measuring the outputs are as tough as ever.

Previously working as a Human Resources Director, as well as in General Management roles, has resulted in an appreciation of the complexity of the personal challenge involved. On the one hand you are expected to input at the strategic level whilst partnering managers at the front-line to put policies into practice; all the while genuinely engaging the entire workforce in delivering on the strategic business objectives.

As Human Resources Director, some of the people management challenges you face, linked with some of the personal challenges associated with the position, include:

  • Workforce planning – ensuring a workforce fit for the future, led by effective executive, senior and middle management teams

  • Flexible resourcing – identifying new ways of working that keep the organisation agile whilst remaining agile yourself

  • Enhancing leadership capability across the organisation – how to convince others to gain support for a particular strategy or direction

  • Employee engagement – strengthening employer / employee relationships to improve organisational performance

  • Performance and reward management – driving through an ethos of total rewards and best-place-to-work initiatives across the business whilst justifying their bottom-line value

  • Personal influence – securing the CEOs / MDs ear in order to justify the investment in people required to improve productivity

The value of a role such as yours, in being able to contribute to successfully changing your organisation, has perhaps never been more apparent. So how do you balance the key priorities for your business, with the personal challenges they bring, as we start to emerge from recession and look to the future?

We can demonstrate our successes partnering HRDs in organisations; to develop and implement a range of services, used effectively, by individuals as well as peer groups and teams to improve total business performance.

As a starting point – to understand how your management teams operate currently and how leadership responsibility is shared across the organisation – we would typically undertake a Leadership and Management Stock-take.

Organisation Pack (RobertsonFox)

As a result of this work, Robertson Fox will be able to tailor-make a structure that moves you forward, both collectively and individually, in alignment with your stated business objectives.

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