Client Stories

Here is a selection of client stories testifying to our support over the years:

Martin Ware’s Story – Business Coaching (2017)

“I’ve come into business coaching with an open mind. The solutions fit; and the solutions are comfortable. They’re like putting on a favourite pair of gloves because the solutions have come from me. I don’t think you’ve told me anything that I didn’t already know. And what you have worked really well at Robyn is helping me to unlock what I had forgotten.”

Client storiesI think it has been so important that we have a good rapport Robyn. I don’t think the business coaching would have worked anywhere near as well had we not had such a good rapport. We’ve had a laugh and a joke along the route; and we’ve had some serious moments. I think had I not been comfortable opening up to you in that regard; and if I hadn’t had the confidence in what you’re inputting into this process, it wouldn’t have worked. The process has been really enlightening and the results have been fantastic.

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Helen Broughton’s Story – Leadership & Management Stock-take (2016)

“There are companies out there that are all great at delivering these generic management surveys that cut the data however you want it cutting and will feedback. Where you add value, Robyn, is that you follow through. Your work does not stop at you handing me a report, you will help us with introducing the skills to deliver the change.”

Client storiesThe fact that your management surveys can be tailored very closely to the clients requirements; that it can be taken in individual sections or as a whole; and repeated as often as is deemed appropriate makes it truly unique.

Most providers adapt the client to their products whereas you adapt your products to the client and that is one of your differentiators Robyn; that and working with clients over the longer term and holding them to account.

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Abi Humayun’s Story – Executive Breakthrough (2016)

“Your differentiator as a coach Robyn is the ability to talk to you about all areas of life; not just work, because these days work and life aren’t necessarily separated.”

Client-StoriesI feel like today has closed a chapter for me; a very hard chapter and I want to maintain this motivation. Things have started slotting into place and the penny’s dropped on a few things. Having the time to dedicate to this type of thinking has been great. I have a greater understanding of my personal value and what I bring to the agency.

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Carol Sheard’s Story – I.N.S.P.I.R.I.N.G (2014)

“Robyn’s I.N.S.P.I.R.I.N.G seminar was something quite different to your usual development sessions. Furthermore, the format and approach meant I was able to focus on the areas that resonated with me as an individual.”

Client-StoriesPersonally, I found value in the way the session seems to have permeated into my subconscious. Since we all know what we should be doing Robyn’s approach has acted like a ‘mental tap on the shoulder’. Consequently, this ensured that I translated the learning into practice.

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Helen Broughton’s Story – Executive Coaching: Individual and Team (2014)

“Being co-founder and Director of a successful business is both challenging and invigorating. You mentor and develop those you manage but who does the same for you and your senior team?  That is why we started working with Robyn.”

Client-StoriesIt’s the whole piece. She is not coming in to fix us. We’re not broken perse. We do not need some kind of instant fix. What we do need is help for us to help ourselves to that next level. Because there is much more growth in the business and, therefore, new challenges ahead. We have an ambitious growth plan and know we need to grow together if we are going to continue to be a success.

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Chris Clarke’s Story – Leadership Team Development (2014)

“As I was told she would, Robyn engages with her clients. She doesn’t deliver a spoon fed course, but makes it interactive and tailored to their needs.”

Client-StoriesIn one way I’m disappointed that we didn’t go through the manual. Because I’m intrigued as to what the handouts are.  On the other hand, Robyn could have come in here and broached this as a textbook exercise. And many consultants may have gone down that route.  But I knew something about her from before we met.

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Paul Steggles’ Story – Leadership Team Development (2014)

“Excellent delivery Robyn; bespoke to the needs of the group. I feel inspired to start working in a more structured fashion and to be more focused on collective objectives.”

Robyn, what I’ve enjoyed is not sitting and watching us scream; and not being talked at.  The majority of the talking has been done by us; you’ve literally just bounced us back on the rails and pointed us to where we’re going next.  I still think the pre-course questionnaire is psychoanalysis!  And it made me start thinking in the right frame of mind to be able to answer these questions, and it probably saved us half a day.  We agreed those ground rules in about 30 minutes, when it would otherwise have taken us until lunchtime.

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Shane Tickell’s Story – Executive Coaching (2012)

“I’m so inspired that I’ve now engaged Robyn to work with 8 of my Executives and some junior people as well who I think have great potential in the organisation.”

I know so much more about myself now than I did six months ago. When I entered this arrangement it was from a place of not being sure what I needed. I knew there were some things wrong and some things I wanted to get better and Executive Coaching works for me in so many ways I can’t describe. I only know that the outcome and the end result are just amazing; it is like black magic.

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Charlotte Gallagher’s Story: Executive Breakthrough (2012) 

“I want to thank Robyn for a truly inspiring Executive Breakthrough day. I had been putting this off for some time as there was always something more important than my own development to focus on. Now I wish I had done this ages ago!”

Client-StoriesI learned a lot about myself on the day: exploring who I am in a work setting and a personal setting and where the similarities and differences were. It was a day focusing on me, which was very unusual.

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Tim Thomas-Peter’s Story – Executive Coaching (2009)

“I have been working with Robyn for over a year now and I would recommend her superb coaching skills to anyone interested and ready for corporate coaching. She makes individual coaching sessions challenging and enjoyable and always productive. Her ability to tailor sessions to your individual needs almost on-the-fly means you are not dealing with “one size fits all” psycho babble, but rather you are gaining an invaluable insight into your own behaviours and drivers and those of others. I can honestly say that Robyn has made a tangible difference to the company’s bottom line as well as my own personal effectiveness.”

When I went into coaching, I really had no clue what to expect and more importantly, no clue as to what I might get from it. I wasn’t really sure what the purpose of it all was. What I did know was that I was ready for it.

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Alan Jones’ Story – Executive Breakthrough (2009)

“At the point where I first spoke to Robyn I’d had some experience of coaching, but it had been in a context that hadn’t really worked for me, and I was rather sceptical about what value it might offer me now.”

Client-StoriesNevertheless, Robyn and I spoke for about 45 minutes, and she asked me some of the ‘difficult questions’ that I’d been ignoring for a long time. She made me confront those questions and answer them, made me examine why I was doing what I was doing when – as I was now beginning to understand – I wasn’t truly fulfilled by it. The result was that we arranged a breakthrough session, and after some pretty intensive work, I came away having made some important realisations about what I’ve been doing for years.

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Birgit Wilde’s Story – Psychometric Profiling (2009)

“As part of my coaching work with Robyn, we discussed the merits of how Psychometric Profiling could help me to get a better understanding of my motives, values and preferences  as well as my ‘bright side’ (how I come across to others) and my ‘dark side’ (interpersonal behaviour in out of comfort situations). The questionnaires were made available online and I could complete these at a place and time convenient for me.”

Client-StoriesThe way Robyn chose to present the results was very different indeed from your stereotypical, computer-generated report where you can’t help thinking that the only thing that gets changed is the [insert name here] field. Instead, I had a two hour session. Robyn explained in great detail the results of the questionnaires, their implications in general terms and what this would mean specifically for me.

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