The Executive Breakthrough is a unique experience. It is high energy, fast paced, intensive and time-efficient; and entirely results-focused. The level of understanding and self-knowledge that can result from these sessions is unlimited. And it delivers a return on change investment that is both sustainable and value-add.

Abi’s Story – Executive Breakthrough day…

Executive-Breakthrough“I feel like today has closed a chapter for me; a very hard chapter and I want to maintain this motivation. Things have started slotting into place and the penny’s dropped on a few things. Having the time to dedicate to this type of thinking has been great. I have a greater understanding of my personal value and what I bring to the agency.

Where you really add value is that I can talk to you about a whole multitude of things without being judged. You never once made me feel like that’s a bad trait or that my challenges were insignificant; in fact you made me feel positive about those.”

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Abi Humayun, Producer & Co-Founder, Rapport

I designed the Executive Breakthrough experience in response to the frustrations of business leaders. The circumstances they encountered were creating a negative impact in the business. Therefore they were unable to progress. The Breakthrough experience is intensive and time-efficient. So, this means it’s a great way to remove roadblocks permanently. And it propels clients and their organisations towards achievement of their goals.

We conduct Executive Breakthrough sessions in the peace and quiet of a country hotel. Surrounded by a 60 acre lake and beautifully landscaped gardens, we work from a stunning location in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. This gives us the opportunity to focus on achieving your outcomes. Furthermore, it will inspire you to focused action which continues benefiting you long after the event.

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