Peer Groups for CEOs who Accept They Aren’t Superhuman!

There are no superhumans. Only ordinary people with the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. All trying to manage internal and external change in a highly volatile market.

Here are a few of the challenges they face and that the group helps them to navigate:

    1. It’s lonely at the top: Easy to think you’re the only leader in your current situation; worried you don’t have all the answers
    2. Self-doubt in decision-making: From time to time we all question whether we’re making the best decision for all concerned, in any given situation
    3. Managing the pace of change: You knew things moved quickly before and now the pace of change is relentless. How do you manage it all, both internally and in response to external markets?

Peer Groups for CEOs Provide ‘Isolation Relief’  

“You need that space. You need that space where we can come and let our hair down; where we don’t have to pretend that it’s not bothering us in the workplace. You can come in and say ‘it’s hard’.

From my perspective, when I saw others doing a job well and they seemed confident about it; I was there thinking ‘it’s just me’. I’m the only one like a swan, swimming frantically under the water and worrying about stuff. Then you get into a room with your peers and you realise that we’re all the same.

There are no superhumans. Everyone has a few strengths and a few blind spots. It helps to know that and to see that the egos aren’t there.”

Chris Casey, Group Managing Director, The Casey Group Ltd

How do I Know There Won’t be any Egos in the Room?

Because I look for members who share a common set of characteristics. One of those is a recognition that no single human has all the answers – regardless of how long you’ve been in the job. In fact, the greater the experience, the more blinkered we can become; imagining we’ve seen and heard it all before.

If and when welcomed into our group, you enter a judgement-free zone. You are in safe hands. Looking for reassurance? Just ask and I can put you in touch with any one of my members who will all tell you the same thing. The hardest part will be leaving your own ego at the door and being brave enough to put the real cards on the table.

Want a better sense of the environment you’d be coming into? You can check out my Chair Profile here.