As a Manager you are responsible for your team’s performance. The role requires you to be an able team player whilst leading from the front and that can sometimes prove a challenge. Your people may not always get you or maybe they just won’t do what you need them to do in the way that you want them to get the job done.

In your position, you occupy one of the toughest and most challenging positions, sandwiched between the operational Board and the rest of the organisation. On the one hand, top management require you to focus on business improvement with bottom-line impact. On the other hand you have to manage the expectations of your people who demand wide-ranging support.

Challenges specific to you in striving to deliver business objectives, include:

  • Dealing with immediate issues – in support of the long-term vision

  • Effective communication – of priorities to the team

  • Managing team expectations – focus on working environment and constraints

  • Individual leadership style – balancing that with job satisfaction and delivering results

  • Managing the team through a variety of styles – upwards and down

  • Keeping the team motivated – during challenging as well as stable times

As a Manager you have a responsibility to tap into the hidden potential that exists in your team and to develop that potential into leadership capability. It’s imperative for succession planning and to enable you to progress in your own career.

You will have as many different personality types as you have people to manage and that makes the line management relationship especially challenging.

We have a proven track record in working with Management Teams to help you with the management and motivation of others. We recognise that every manager’s style is different, as are their areas for development. Therefore, we don’t attempt to prescribe a set process on the assumption that it will fit everybody.

However, it is important to work with the management group collectively and with individual team members as the first step.

Whilst the content will vary business to business, typically, this takes the form of an initial 1-day Leadership Team Development programme with the whole team; supported by a 1:1 coaching session for each individual.

ManagersPack(RobertsonFox)This approach enables us to support you in working as an effective team towards team priorities and goals. It also gives us an opportunity to cover specific outputs for the coaching, as you define them, on both an individual and collective basis.

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