Life isn’t separated from work. You take your work home with you and you bring your life into work as well. It’s difficult not to sometimes; especially when things all seem to be coming at you at once. When that happens it’s hard to maintain focus and easy to start worrying about letting things slide. Integrative Coach-Therapy is the ideal approach in situations like these.

Birgit Wilde’s Story – Integrative Coach-Therapy

Integrative Coach-Therapy“Robyn’s vast experience, varied therapy skills and intuitive approaches very quickly made a huge difference to how I felt and soon enabled me to see where I wanted to be. Robyn has all the qualities you would expect from a good coach – but her ability to get to the bottom of things is second to none.

Robyn didn’t propose a set agenda or pre-arranged format. She didn’t whip out a 100-page manual either. She just went with the flow. No matter what came up in the conversation or what you’d ‘throw’ at her, Robyn knew how to turn it into something positive.

She is extremely easy to work with and her great sense of humour makes even some of the toughest sessions enjoyable. I would highly recommend Robyn, whether for personal or business motives.”

Birgit Wilde, Senior Relationship Manager, Epsilon International

When Integrative Coach-Therapy offers the best possible support

As the name suggests, Integrative Coach-Therapy is an holistic approach which enables me to work with the whole person; not just your work persona. Since no single methodology can provide all the answers in every situation; this Coach-Therapy blend offers the best of both disciplines.

Being able to talk to a qualified professional about all areas of life; not just work is important. It allows us to work with both head and heart which means you can get back to your best in all walks of life.

Benefits of Integrative Coach-Therapy

There are many benefits of an Integrative Coach-Therapy approach; not least the flexibility to do whatever works to get you the results you want!

Moreover, you can be sure of a safe environment so you can feel able to express your issues and concerns openly.

Also, I’ll support you through your challenges and provide guidance and direction where that’s helpful.

Would you like to have a ‘chemistry meeting’ with Robyn; to see how you get along and to discuss how Integrative Coach-Therapy might work for you?

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