Whether you founded the business or you’re running it for someone else, you need the support of a strong leadership team. Peer Groups for Key Executives develop those individuals; both in confidence and in skill set.

Peer Groups for Key Executives Help Develop the Wider Team

Investment from the top down has to be the priority.

“It isn’t cheap but it is very good value when you start to use it properly. And in that sense, after all of the speaker sessions I take the time for a couple of hours to turn it and I share it with our leadership team. So, it goes from just being my one-on-one training to being whole leadership training. And it becomes very cost effective when you think about it that way. That’s one thing I’ve done since joining Just Digital and it’s proved to be very powerful.”

Andy Grundy, Managing Director, Just Digital Ltd

It’s a lot easier to implement new ideas when you have a leadership team that ‘gets’ what you’re trying to do, and can help translate and execute the brief.

How do I Decide who to put Forward for the Group?

Like the CEO groups, Peer Groups for Key Executives are confidential forums where members can share their fears with like-minded people. To that end, only one director per company is admitted into the Key group.

Often, it’s obvious who will derive the most benefit from this learning environment. Perhaps they are vested in the business and hungry to learn. Moreover, you’ve exhausted all the courses you could think of to put them on. Maybe you’ve earmarked them as the next MD. So, they need exposure to a greater level of challenge and accountability. Whatever the motivation the key group is a diverse mix of industries and disciplines; coming together in a learning environment, that develops the leader inside every member.

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