Succession planning at its best…

Line Managers are vital to the success of any organisation and have a huge affect on company profitability. Proactive organisations aim for continuity of leadership by taking a strategic approach to succession planning.

And yet many take on people management responsibility, based on their individual technical competence or as a reward for a job well done.


Taking an interest in people is a prerequisite of succession planning

Individual managers will view their role differently. Helping their people get on is a motivator for some managers; while others focus on their personal need for success. Moreover, some see the job as a step on the ladder to the top.

In my experience, relatively few relish the opportunity to develop their people management capability; because they do not make the link between their own behaviours and employee motivation. Also, they underestimate the level of impact their actions have on those around them.

Helen Broughton’s Story – Leadership & Management Stock-take (2016)

Succession planning“There are companies out there that are all great at delivering these generic surveys. They’ll cut the data however you want it cutting and will feedback. Where you add value, Robyn, is that you follow through.  And your work does not stop at you handing me a report. In addition, you will help us with introducing the skills to deliver the change.

The fact that you can tailor your management surveys very closely to the client’s requirements. And you can take the survey in individual sections or as a whole. And you can repeat the survey as often as is deemed appropriate; all of which means this is truly unique.”

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Helen Broughton MBE, Managing Director, DANBRO

The Leadership & Management Stock-take is designed to take a snapshot of your current set up from the perspective of those employees with managerial responsibility. In addition, it taps into a manager’s personal mindset. Hence we can understand their attitude towards the role and how that informs their leadership style.

Furthermore, we will undertake the data collection and analysis for you and provide structured feedback. As a result you’ll be able to take a holistic view of the current leadership and management set up and evaluate it strategically.

The benefits of a tailored approach to succession planning   

The benefit to Human Resources is in the diagnostic report which will contain ideas and suggestions for innovative ways to support and develop the management group.

Developing your leadership capability is of benefit to the wider organisation. Assuming you act on agreed recommendations, you will gain a competitive edge. In addition, managers will be better able to achieve their objectives effectively through others.

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