Peer Advisory Groups

Robyn Robertson of Robertson Fox Ltd

Peer Advisory Groups – Who Needs Them?

A quote from Vistage Founder, Bob Norse, which gets right to the heart of why the groups exist, is this:

“If you bring together CEOs with diverse experiences, from non-competing industries; who share a dream of growing healthy, vibrant companies; then there isn’t any problem they can’t solve or any goal they won’t achieve – as long as they work together.”

Here are three reasons why you might consider meeting monthly, with a genuine group of peers, outside of your business and your industry:

    1. Need for Growth: You must continue growing as a leader in order to achieve business growth targets. How do you do that?
    2. Nowhere to go for impartial advice: You’re searching for ideas and don’t know what you’re missing. Where can you find fresh thinking for recurring problems?
    3. Accountability is lacking: no-one holds you accountable (outside of the numbers perhaps) and / or you struggle to get others to step up and take personal responsibility.

Are Peer Advisory Groups run Like Networks?

We are not a social club. The groups meet to work on members most pressing challenges, opportunities and decisions.

Peer Advisory Groups“I’m looking after the day-to-day operations of the Danbro group and dealing with the challenges that brings. And so, the thought of just being able to hang out with people who are also in that same plane, appealed. I also love to learn. I’m a reader and I thought, let’s just try it. Now, I prioritise my group membership over lots of other things that I spend on the business.”

Helen Broughton, Group Managing Director, DANBRO

What Makes These Peer Advisory Groups Different?

It all starts with the group which, as Chairperson, I am responsible for growing as well as running. Every member is hand-picked; meets our eligibility criteria and is personally invited to join one of three vibrant and diverse Peer Advisory Groups; each built with purpose and passion.

Peer Groups for CEOs – I run two groups for CEOs based in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area. The first was established in January 2019. I launched the second in December 2021 due to the increasing demand for impartial support in an ever-changing market.

Peer Groups for Key Executives – Formed for Directors who are members of the Executive Leadership Team and report into the CEO.