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It is our belief you cannot build a successful and functioning leadership team until the individuals have developed their own authentic leadership style. It is natural for business leaders to want to have their views heard so why not embrace that and unleash the creativity that comes from feeling valued.

Traditional Leadership development V Robertson Fox Approach

Traditional Leadership Development Robertson Fox Approach to Leadership Development
Focus is on leadership ‘team’ and importance given to team dynamics Focus is on individual Executives first and importance given to individual dynamics
Short-term quick fix solution; only lasts as long as all players remain in the game and are willing to play ball Long-term sustainable change achieved; individuals leave a legacy and continue to make an impact wherever they go
Business agenda imposed; individuals forced to adapt Business agenda adapted to suit individual style of operating
Business strategy blamed for failure Business strategy owned and evolves to ensure business success
Blame culture prevails leading to team dysfunctionality; no buy-in as culture and values imposed Individual ownership ensures that culture and values evolve as natural order of things

Everything we deliver is based on this approach to Leadership development. In recognition of the need to adapt change interventions to suit the nature of the challenges presented by our clients, we have developed 3 specific product categories to cater for different individual, team and organisational needs.