Why all Businesses Need a Little Poetic Licence…

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May 22, 2015
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June 5, 2015
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Why all Businesses Need a Little Poetic Licence…

Cinema_EdinburghAlan Rickman is one of my favourite actors and it turns out he’s pretty good at directing too.

His latest film, ‘A Little Chaos’ is fantastic: gripping, moving, both funny and sad in places; a thoroughly good watch and highly recommended. That is if, like me you allow yourself to become immersed in the story and see movies as entertainment rather than a true reflection of past events.

We all know people who analyse and critique films whilst they’re watching them – often sharing that commentary with you whether you want it or not. They’re frustrated when films bend the truth or change historical facts. If that describes you and you take your French history seriously, then give this one a miss!

The scene is set in 17th century Paris and beyond that its ties to French history are fairly loose. The most obvious distortion is the role of the leading actress, Kate Winslet who plays a landscape designer hired by Louis XIV’s landscape artist – Andre Le Notre, to design an outdoor ballroom.

It’s set in a world where men dominated and women were seen as decorative objects so, clearly a female wouldn’t have been considered, let alone engaged to do the work; nor would she have been running her own business as a landscape gardener in the first place.

Not only would Le Notre have moved in different circles, he was, in reality a few decades older and much less handsome than the actor who plays him in the film. So, the romance that develops between his character and the leading lady would have been unlikely – and certainly not as compelling to watch!

Poetic license with the storyline, gives this movie its pulling power; demonstrating that filmmakers – just like business leaders – need to continually modernise to keep up with changing times.

For ideas on how to do that ask your customers; as only by listening (and responding) to client preferences will you know how to stay relevant and sustain a win-win relationship for them and for you.

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