Who do you Hold in High Esteem? Join Them on That pedestal!

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November 14, 2015
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November 26, 2015
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Who do you Hold in High Esteem? Join Them on That pedestal!

Deer_NoticingWe’ve all done some hero-worshipping in our time (go on, admit it). The context may change as we grow older – moving from pop groups to actors to successful entrepreneurs and great leaders. And yet I wonder if the route of that admiration stays the same.

Are we not in awe of people who possess the ability to do something we would dearly love to do? Or, is it a person’s lifestyle we admire? Maybe we hanker after something they have.

Tennis fascinates me as a sport and if I have the time I will happily sit through a five set match without moving a muscle. If I think about that, it’s not because I ever aspired to being a world-class tennis player; it’s the fact that winning a tennis match comes down to the skill, fitness and mindset of one individual (two at most if you play doubles).

What I most admire is the discipline, consistency and self-motivation that the top players demonstrate day in, day out. And yet I have those qualities so what is it really? Okay, it’s the context in which they utilize those attributes; to operate at peak performance mentally, emotionally and physically almost all of the time.

More than that it’s the feeling of effortlessness that I aspire to; you know that feeling when you are working hard and yet it feels easy. That’s a real win for me and it is during those times that I believe I have it all. So, why wouldn’t I want to experience that feeling more often?

Now I’m excited! Because achieving the feeling that life is effortless is a much easier task than becoming a professional tennis player; and I don’t need to rely on anyone else for that.

Which isn’t to say I won’t surround myself with people I admire; those people who appear to live life to the full and who do so with apparent ease. I can think of several; one of whom took the deer photograph above. A look of admiration perhaps?

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