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July 5, 2014
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When Having it All CAN be a Good Thing!

Trivial PursuitI recently read an article, discussing why people boast about being too busy, as though it’s some kind of code for being successful and important. I was happily following the author’s logic until he said the notion of ‘having it all’ is overvalued.

Wait a minute; what’s wrong with wanting to have it all? Those of you who know me will have heard me make that statement on numerous occasions; in fact, it’s one of the mantras that helps keep me focused. Believing I can have whatever I set my mind to fuels me to do enough of the right things to facilitate that outcome.

The author referenced this in the same context as saying we overvalue the notion of ‘doing it all’ and ‘achieving it all’. Now in my book that’s a different matter. As a high achiever myself, I can relate to the idea we might believe firstly, that we have to do everything and secondly, that we have to do everything ourselves. That’s not true of course, and whilst it may indeed make us feel significant, there are better ways to feel successful.

Having it all is not the same as doing it all. The latter is often a thankless task which can leave us feeling perpetually exhausted. The former, however is energy-giving and can fuel us to do more of those activities that contribute to the acquisition of what we want.

So, my invitation to you is this: do less in order to have more!

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  1. Chris Forrest says:

    Interesting and stimulating as usual! Made me think, however for my own purposes perhaps I would modify the idea slightly to suggest we ourselves should define ‘having it all’ using our own criteria, rather than measuring success against others, or the definition of ‘having it all’ provided by others. Also, ‘it’ includes material and non material things of course!

    • Well said Chris; I agree with you completely. In fact, finding success ‘on our own terms’ is one of 9 core factors I have identified through many years experience, observation and study, that are fundamental to individuals in becoming a source of inspiration, for themselves as well as those people with whom they interact in their daily lives.

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