What Are You Waiting For? The Time is Never ‘Just Right’!

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May 24, 2014
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June 6, 2014
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What Are You Waiting For? The Time is Never ‘Just Right’!

Every time a team member comes up with a fresh idea to move the business forward, I’ll treat it seriously and take time to consider it. What would you do?

A typical response is to think: Great idea! I’ll do something with that when…

• I have the time to do it justice
• We secure the next contract
• Everyone isn’t so busy with the day-to-day

Sound familiar?

The danger in this approach is that the time will never be ‘just right’. There will always be a ‘next deal’ that’s going to make life easier financially; and of course, we all know that the day job can be as full and as time-consuming as you’re prepared to let it be.

My invitation is that you accept the business is what it is; that you are where you are and you get started anyway. You may be surprised to realise that you’re better resourced than you thought you were. Without doubt, you’ll find better ways to achieve the same outcome as you move along.

Go on then, which good idea has popped into your head that you haven’t yet acted upon?

Enough with waiting! Start a conversation today that will get that next project up and running. And if you’d like to chat it through, feel free to call me on 0161 866 8573; I’d love to hear your story.


  1. Chris Forrest says:

    for what its worth I think this is a motto for working life! You could justify it as emergent strategy or complexity theory, but actually I have found on a number of real life cases in the work place, this approach pays dividends. Once you get over the initial rush of fear & lack of control it is liberating, efficient & very productive!

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