Think Like an Entrepreneur? Then Your Role Will Have Changed out of Sight!

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June 3, 2016
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Think Like an Entrepreneur? Then Your Role Will Have Changed out of Sight!

EntrepreneurThe vast majority of small businesses – and the people who found them – remain today what they were when they started: jobs for the people who created them. They set themselves up to do what they love (I hope), but have not learned how to build a business; which would allow them to step away and keep the doors open.

Often, people become disenfranchised with their employer or crave the freedom to do things their own way; and then an opportunity presents itself that allows them to pursue that passion. Fantastic! I’m right behind anyone who has a dream along with the courage to pursue it; and you won’t catch me raining on their parade.

Unfortunately (some may think) you also need the business experience and commercial acumen to make a success of it, otherwise you turn into your own taskmaster; wearing every hat and getting bogged down by the mechanics of designing and delivering the product.

In reality, it takes a mammoth effort to invent, design, build, grow and maintain a thriving company and reported wisdom tells us, it can take a decade at least, before you feel well and truly established. I can relate!

Even then there is no room to rest on your laurels. Almost every week we hear of another well-known brand – trading for a hundred years – going belly up.

So my suggestion would be that before you branch out on your own – or decide to take over at the helm of a business, do make sure you’re absolutely clear on the ‘reason why’: WHY you’re going to all this trouble in the first place. Unless you can come up with a compelling argument that will see you through the tough times, then seriously, don’t bother; there are easier fish to fry.

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