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The Tips and Tricks of Decision-Making

There’s a lot of information on the web about decision-making if you care to look for it. This would suggest it’s a topic of interest; perhaps because we have to make decisions every single day and maybe because we don’t always get it right. Sometimes, it can feel like we’ve made the wrong decision after the fact.

So, on the assumption you fall into one of these categories and would find the information useful, here are some Tips and Tricks to consider when making important decisions:


AVOID GIVING MIXED MESSAGES: It leads to confusion at best and disenfranchises people at worst; and both impact on employee productivity

AVOID LETTING OTHERS DECIDE FOR YOU: Whilst it can be helpful to hear another’s reasoning, the ultimate decision should be yours

AVOID ACTING ON YOUR DECISION IN HASTE: In those circumstances where you’re conflicted about what to do, it would be wise to wait until you’ve reached a conclusion before acting

AVOID SECOND-GUESSING YOURSELF AFTER THE FACT: You believed it was the right thing to do at the time



MAKE DECISIONS THAT ARE TRULY YOURS TO MAKE: Which means making sure you’re in a position to act on them and maintain them

STICK WITH YOUR DECISIONS ONCE MADE: Remember, there is no such thing as a bad decision

MAKE INSTINCTIVE DECISIONS: If a decision sits well with you, even though it may not be the most logical option, then it’s probably the right move

MAKE DECISIONS AS YOU GO ALONG: Letting them accumulate can lead to inaction

KEEP YOUR DECISIONS VISIBLE: To help people jump on board with your ideas

Overall, think of decisions as a choice among alternatives; that may increase the level of certainty you have that you’re making the best possible decision with all the options available.

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