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October 18, 2015
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Thank you for the Music. One Girl’s Legacy…

LegacyThe lyrics of this Abba song express a young girl’s gratitude for all the music in the world. It allows her to showcase what she feels is her legacy: the ability to sing beautifully.

It’s a simple statement. And it succinctly reflects her natural talent.

If you’ve ever taken the courageous step, to start your own venture, you can probably relate. Our innate ability becomes a platform for growth. Since our legacy is built on what we do well.

Further down the road it’s easy to lose sight of the skills we drew on; to help us find our niche in the market. And it’s even easier to forget why we chose this path in the first place.

Inevitably, our attention is diverted by all the seemingly peripheral aspects of running a business. On top of that there are all the stakeholder relationships to maintain.

Your legacy requires continued investment  

I’ve been investing my profits back into the business for as long as Robertson Fox has been in existence. Companies are hungry beasts! When you’re not buying in resources (such as equipment, licenses, staff), you’re upgrading or modernising. All this is a prerequisite of business growth.

This ‘entity’ can seem like a bottomless pit; particularly whilst you’re in the midst of one of those upgrades. Also, it can appear like the rewards for our efforts will never come.

Logically, we know that investing in the business infrastructure; and defining and buttoning down those systems is vital. They allow us to focus on what we do best; and that pays dividends in the long run.

Legacy needs people

Of course, the business can only take care of our needs when those processes run smoothly. They, in turn, are reliant on the people operating them. Those operators are either constrained or empowered by the managers overseeing them. And they are as productive as the legacy that fuels them.

In the end, how well those managers perform is a direct reflection of the organisation’s leadership capability. So, we’re back to the people. Just as without music there is no song; without people organisations cannot grow and thrive.

So – I – say “thank you for the people; the legacy we’re building. Thanks for all the peace that’s bringing.”

Okay, point made; enough with the karaoke Robyn…

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