Shane Tickell’s Story – Executive Coaching (2012)

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Shane Tickell’s Story – Executive Coaching (2012)

“I’m so inspired that I’ve now engaged Robyn to work with 8 of my Executives and some junior people as well who I think have great potential in the organisation.”

I know so much more about myself now than I did six months ago. When I entered this arrangement it was from a place of not being sure what I needed. I knew there were some things wrong and some things I wanted to get better and Executive Coaching works for me in so many ways I can’t describe. I only know that the outcome and the end result are just amazing; it is like black magic. For this particular series of sessions, what I’ve wanted to do is not just impact myself, but to positively impact those around me. There are so many positive things that I’ve done and that have come out of the coaching; things I have been able to achieve, and there is no doubt that I was in no way capable of doing them six months ago. Those successful things have been that we’ve won some deals, we’ve negotiated some situations with difficult clients that we’d not been able to do before and I’ve been able to do a series of positive presentations to all of my staff and that’s what I mean by impacting other people. The successes I’ve had and the way I’ve been able to communicate in a much better fashion is due to the Coaching sessions with Robyn, which have had a very positive impact on the team. I’ve had people take action from the meetings that has been incredibly positive on the rest of the organisation and some of those actions have actually really surprised everybody, and it’s been fantastic. I have so far enjoyed and achieved far more than I wanted to coming into this series of Coaching sessions with Robyn and I’ve no doubt that I’ll continue to do so. I feel a different person. I absolutely feel a different person from six months ago at a completely different level and not just a level I’ve achieved that is making me feel better than I did; here’s a level I’ve achieved from which I’ll never go back down. And there are so many aspects of not just my work, but my life which I feel far more in control about, far more relaxed about. When situations get particularly challenging and they are particularly urgent I don’t feel the stress normally associated with the urgency of trying to solve the situation. There are skills and thought processes that I’ve learned during these Coaching sessions that Robyn has helped me to find within myself, that she has given me advice on, that I’ve been able to take away and implement immediately. Robyn’s style allows you to reflect on what you’ve said. You might very well go away feeling challenged but that’s great because it stimulates thought. It stimulates you to do the right things. The discussions I’ve had with Robyn and the work I’ve done with her prepared me for things I didn’t know were coming. When I reflected back on how I’d managed to lead the company through a difficult situation and what had prepared me for it, I put an awful lot of that down to the work I’ve done with Robyn over the years.

Shane Tickell, Chief Executive Officer, IMS MAXIMS

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