How Romance at Work can Promote Employee Engagement!

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February 5, 2016
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February 19, 2016
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How Romance at Work can Promote Employee Engagement!

We spend the majority of our waking hours on the job. So we don’t want simply to earn a good wage; we’re also looking for employee engagement. That’s right. Just because we occupy a senior position in the organisation doesn’t negate our need to make a recognised contribution.

Here are three pointers that promote employee engagement in the workplace:

GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE: People love to help; we know this. So lift up your head once in a while and return the favour. Perform an act of kindness without waiting to be asked; and do it for someone who normally delivers for you. Research shows that ‘giving’ to others boosts our sense of productivity.

CREATE SOME TENSION: Whilst it’s good to know we can do a job standing on our heads; true satisfaction comes from meeting a challenge head on and overcoming it. Act like an ‘amateur’ this week and do something you’ve never done before, like facilitating a meeting for a function you know little about.

RETAIN SOME MYSTIQUE: We all have a reputation at work and so chances are everyone knows what to expect from you. Why not break the mould and do something unpredictable; something that will get people thinking differently (if only about you) and move the business on in some way.

Give employee engagement a boost

Romance is not the same as happiness; its presence doesn’t make our lives easier. Nevertheless, injecting some romance into your work is to feel excitement, mystery and passion. Not only does that keep us on our toes; we feel fully engaged and it makes our every day work experience more meaningful.

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