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February 21, 2014
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March 7, 2014
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Practice what you Preach!

Like the Cobbler with no shoes, I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of imparting pearls of wisdom to others and ignoring our own advice. Well, today I’m making a point of practising what I preach and keeping this communication succinct!

Here are five principles that if followed will get the best out of your people and improve business performance in the process:

CREATE A GREAT ATMOSPHERE TO WORK IN: The environment you create affects the amount of effort people contribute. And the more they contribute, the more successful your business will be

DEVELOP YOUR REPERTOIRE OF LEADERSHIP STYLES: Know when to use the appropriate style of leadership to get the best possible outcome in every management situation

HAVE AUTHENTIC CONVERSATIONS: Let your people see that you don’t know it all but you know enough. Let them know that you need them and that together you can achieve great things

DEVELOP A GENUINE INTEREST IN OTHERS: Find out what’s important to your people. It’s by adopting an attitude of genuine curiosity that you’ll become a great communicator and an inspiration to others

ASK FOR FEEDBACK: Show people that you can take feedback on board and that you are open to new ways of working. Then, when you want to offer developmental feedback to others you will find they are much more willing to listen

Taking action against any one of these principles will move your business forward and help you to progress.

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