People not Meeting Expectation? Hold Yourself to Account!

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October 28, 2017
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November 11, 2017
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People not Meeting Expectation? Hold Yourself to Account!

Meeting expectationMeeting expectation (or not) depends on multiple factors. It’s so much more involved than people simply doing what you ask them to do.

Many highly accomplished business leaders shy away from making bold decisions when it comes to managing people. They communicate the standard and then allow people to fall short.

Here are three things that get in the way of meeting expectation. Also, three ‘musts’ if you want people to be meeting expectation consistently.

3 things that get in the way of meeting expectation

VALUES CONFLICT: You communicate the values you want people to live up to; and watch while they fall short. Check you’re not flagging the behaviours that are missing rather than those you hold dear.

TIME PRESSURES: You fail to notice that standards have dropped; because you too are distracted by other things.

AMBIGUITY: You haven’t defined the baseline – the minimum standard you’re prepared to accept; as well as the top line – the standard you want everyone to work towards.

3 things that are needed when meeting expectation

SETTING THE STANDARD: How high is the bar? Consider why that’s important. Are you personally willing to do what it takes, time and again, to meet that standard?

EXPECTATIONS OF SELF: Leaders go first. Make it a rule of thumb never to ask of others that which you’ve not done yourself already.

EXPECTATIONS OF OTHERS: That is your people, your peers and your colleagues. Once you know what you’re looking for stay true to that. Don’t compromise. If someone can’t (or won’t) live to your standards then move (them) on and find someone who will.

In meeting expectation you must have accountability

Once the bar is set, make sure everyone knows what it takes to reach it. Moreover, you must communicate the implications for individuals, the team and the business; should they fall short of the bar.

Decide how you’ll hold yourself accountable; and in doing so lead by example. In addition let people know how you’ll hold ‘them’ to account; and give them every opportunity to impress you with their achievements. After all, sustainable business success comes through a mix of personal responsibility and collaborative teamwork. Your standard is the benchmark for measuring that success.

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