Paul Steggles’ Story – Leadership Team Development (2014)

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July 26, 2014
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Paul Steggles’ Story – Leadership Team Development (2014)

“Excellent delivery Robyn; bespoke to the needs of the group. I feel inspired to start working in a more structured fashion and to be more focused on collective objectives.”

Robyn, what I’ve enjoyed is not sitting and watching us scream; and not being talked at.  The majority of the talking has been done by us; you’ve literally just bounced us back on the rails and pointed us to where we’re going next.  I still think the pre-course questionnaire is psychoanalysis!  And it made me start thinking in the right frame of mind to be able to answer these questions, and it probably saved us half a day.  We agreed those ground rules in about 30 minutes, when it would otherwise have taken us until lunchtime.

I also like the way you’ve hardly interjected so that makes me feel confident that we can carry this format on without you because we’ve driven it and you’ve said ‘now let’s talk about this; let me throw this up there.’  So, we don’t actually need you to maintain it. What we do need from you is for you to be there in 6 months for a follow up event.

We’re saying there’s going to be another meeting where we talk about where we’ve been, what we’ve done, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked and how we get to the next level and I do think that is key to the success of maintaining this process.

The biggest thing I look out for with all these different courses is that you sit here and totally believe it.  Then you walk away and get caught back up in the day job.  I do actually think we’ve all taken a lot from this event with you; we do believe it and I think we will give each other a dig in the ribs and say “Come on, back on track boys!” because if we can come out with the issues we’ve come out with in here in the last two days, having resolved them; then really, nudging someone to get back on track is going to be nothing compared to the rocks we have lifted.  So thank you Robyn, I have enjoyed it immensely.

Paul Steggles, Manufacturing Manager, Desch Plantpak Limited

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