Need Motivation to Deliver on Your Goals? Here are 5 Steps to help you…

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Need Motivation to Deliver on Your Goals? Here are 5 Steps to help you…

Have you ever had the motivation to go after something that seemed really important to you? And yet, for whatever reason you’ve not been able to deliver on it?

That’s happened to me on several occasions over the years. And I know that can be frustrating; especially whilst you’re still trying to fathom out what’s holding you back.

Through personal experience and client work, I’ve learned that the sense of dissatisfaction comes from having mixed emotions about what it is that you want. Also, that has a knock-on effect on your motivation levels.

Here are 5 steps you can use to sustain motivation. And they’ll help you get back on track when your goals seem unreachable:

REVISIT YOUR STATED OUTCOME: Regardless of when you set your goal, you may have moved on. Is it still relevant?

IDENTIFY WHAT HAS CHANGED: You are a different person from the one who originally articulated the goal. Is your stated outcome in keeping with who you are now?

CHECK IF YOUR OUTCOME IS ECOLOGICAL: Ask yourself, “What are the wider consequences of achieving my goal?”

ENSURE YOU ARE IN CONTROL: Are you reliant on others to deliver? If so, your chances of success diminish. Set goals you can start and maintain through to a successful conclusion

REVIEW HOW YOU’RE GOING ABOUT THE DELIVERY: Does this goal fit together with other outcomes you have? Remember, there are more ways than one to get what you want

When reviewing your outcomes, check in and recognise how high your motivation levels are now. Also, I’d invite you to take a little time to acknowledge the progress you’ve already made. The benefit to you is a recognition that you’ve achieved more than you thought; and that may be enough re-ignite your enthusiasm for the task ahead.

Furthermore, remember to share your successes with our fellow readers. However small they may seem to you, we can all take inspiration from your wins. You can do that by leaving a comment below.

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