Martin Ware’s Story – Business Coaching (2017)

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July 28, 2017
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Martin Ware’s Story – Business Coaching (2017)

I’ve come into business coaching with an open mind. I’ve tried to be brutally honest with you and with myself. Sometimes that’s been quite difficult. I’ve tried to think through some of the questions you’ve posed and that’s helped me to rationalise what it is I’ve been trying to deal with; and how to deal with it.

Business coachingThe solutions fit; and the solutions are comfortable. They’re like putting on a favourite pair of gloves because the solutions have come from me. I don’t think you’ve told me anything that I didn’t already know. And what you have worked really well at Robyn is helping me to unlock what I had forgotten.

Business coaching objectives

A big part of my role is the ‘people element’ and one of the coaching outcomes was ‘how can I behave naturally whilst trying to improve relationships’.

I was locked into doing everything as a mechanistic process and I’d forgotten the people aspect. Also, it’s the relationships that very often get things done, as opposed to the mechanics of following a process.

As a result of business coaching with Robyn I’m doing less writing; more verbal communication and I’m having more fun. People are choosing to come to me to ask my advice. They ask how to do things. Also, they want to be part of things I’m doing now, because they can see things as being fun and worthwhile.

The big feedback for me is that things are landing successfully; and I am very much an accepted member of the team. Also, people are accepting of the fact that I’ve got skills they haven’t got. I have found my niche and in a team like ours it’s important to recognise everyone’s strengths.

The impact of good business coaching

On a personal level I’m so much happier and so much more relaxed. I have far more job satisfaction. And on a professional level I’m getting opportunities again now. Moreover, I don’t think that would have happened a few months ago.

The technical skills aren’t any different. Nevertheless, I’m being trusted to lead on all sorts of things now. The difference is in how people see me as a potential leader of those things; as opposed to my abilities to do them. I think it’s that subtle change that is making the world of difference.

The importance of the relationship between Coach and Client

I think it has been so important that we have a good rapport Robyn. I don’t think it would have worked anywhere near as well had we not had such a good rapport. We’ve had a laugh and a joke along the route; and we’ve had some serious moments. I think had I not been comfortable opening up to you in that regard; and if I hadn’t had the confidence in what you’re inputting into this process, it wouldn’t have worked.

The process has been really enlightening and the results have been fantastic. Also, I’m getting all of the benefits from your brand of business coaching, so thank you Robyn. 

Martin Ware, IPA Business Lead, Midlands and Lancashire CSU

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