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Robyn Robertson of Robertson Fox Ltd

Why listen to a public speaker?

There are three reasons I would listen to a public speaker:

  1. I’m intrigued by them and would like to know more. Perhaps there’s potential synergy between us; or we appear to share a similar approach to our work.
  2. The title is catchy and I think the topic is relevant to me right now.
  3. I’m searching for a fresh perspective or inspiration and I want someone to stimulate my creative juices.

In reality a public speaker…

Often doesn’t meet expectation because we don’t have any input; we simply pay and turn up:

It turns out the public speaker doesn’t share my values; or the synergy was in my imagination.

The topic sounded good but the talk didn’t live up to its billing. Or it only scratched the surface of the subject in question.

I try to make a point of learning something new at these events – or even re-learning something I already know; but the lift I get from that doesn’t last long. I need help to shape those creative snippets into something meaningful.

The upshot is that I attend these events with ‘my’ outputs in mind and then I’m disappointed when I come away without them having been met.

Public Speaker Brand

As a result, it has taken me a while to articulate what kind of speaker I want to be – if at all. Finally, I realised that I enjoy serving as a liaison between leaders, and a facilitator of events, rather than a public speaker per se.

So, here are the types of speaking engagements that suit my style and typically generate rave reviews…

Please call on me when:

You’d love to tap into some encouragement, inspiration and challenge – because it’s lonely at the top.

You want to tune up the team’s potential; to inspire as well as be inspired by them.

You’re looking to inspire the next generation – I’m frequently invited to be a guest speaker on Inspirational Leadership for University undergraduates and postgraduates.