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May 1, 2015
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May 15, 2015
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Perspectives(2)A phrase often used by managers of sports teams when they (or one of their colleagues) get the sack. Equally apt to describe the latest election results given that three party leaders all resigned their posts within an hour of each other; once they realised the exit poll predictions were accurate.

I’ve worked for several cut-throat organisations throughout my career: aggressive businesses with ambitious bosses who would let people go on a whim if they believed someone wasn’t living up to their scrutiny.

Even in those circumstances individuals had some prior warning that they were likely to get the chop. For Senior Management it usually involved a negotiation with the Human Resources Director and the drafting of a Compromise Agreement. They would leave on agreed terms with time to reflect on what to do next.

The Election has shown how brutal politics can be. One day reflecting on how you’ll make reform once elected to Parliament – all signs looking good; and within 24 hours being handed your P45.

When he failed to get elected Nigel Farage said it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Ed Miliband took his loss as an opportunity to become re-acquainted with his family. We can only imagine the huge pressure these party leaders must have been under.

It’s a reminder that success, when defined in terms of status and power is transitory and often comes at a huge personal cost. Maybe we’d do better in a ‘values business’ where our success is dependent on doing what’s important rather than based on political points scoring.

Which type of business are you in?

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