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June 4, 2020
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Inspirational Podcast With CEO Dr Jill Harrison – Living With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Inspirational Podcast

This is an inspirational podcast interview full of learning, insight and wisdom.

Jill is candid and engaging in her account.

She tells us about her experiences of growing up, with a whole host of health issues; that were misunderstood and therefore misdiagnosed.

Consequently, this made life harder for her than it needed to be. She encountered additional challenges that were the direct result of a lack of informed decision-making.

She shares with us what has driven her to take control of her health; and as a result, how she’s been able to change her life for the better.

Being a CEO can be a Lonely Path to Tread

With increased awareness comes the opportunity to change things for the better. For instance, to grow yourself (personally and professionally); and to develop the business. For Jill to discover that her health problems have a name; has enabled her to look at her physical challenges through a different lens. Moreover, she advocates the importance of “finding good people” to support you.

“I’ve been incredibly fortunate. I have good friends. I have good people around me from the Vistage group and the Coaching that we’ve done; to other experts around my physical health.”

Jill talks about “having the tenacity to follow things through”. Even with a diagnosis, she is still driving much of her own self-care. As a result of her efforts, she is getting the measure of this condition AND finding a better work / life balance. A reminder to us all to take personal responsibility for the quality of our lives and subsequent outcomes.

Inspirational Podcast S1/Ep1

The inaugural interview with Dr Jill Harrison is now LIVE!

As well as informing us on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Jill talks about her experiences of being a female CEO at the helm of a £9 million turnover business, employing circa 85 people.

She describes it as a successful journey. One that has involved a lot of hard work; to grow the business significantly over best part of a decade. She shares some of the lessons learned thus far; and offers listeners some great takeaways. Enjoy!

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