Experienced any Disappointments this year? Turn them into Opportunities!

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November 19, 2014
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Experienced any Disappointments this year? Turn them into Opportunities!

DisappointmentSome people take the view that what’s done is done; no point raking over the past. This can be a helpful attitude to have when we’ve experienced some adversity and we want to move forward. To adopt this approach as a mantra for life however, is to miss an opportunity for growth.

There is wisdom embedded in our disappointments; such as, understanding why certain career moves didn’t work out the way we had hoped; or why certain relationships or business opportunities went pear-shaped. You can learn so much about yourself based on your history of handling disappointments (or what you might think of as failures).

As we approach the end of the calendar year, I’ve been reflecting on my 3 biggest career disappointments over the past 12 months and I would invite you to do the same.

One of mine is my failure to develop the membership area of the Robertson Fox website; the objective being to provide additional resources for clients and contacts to access online. I have a wealth of information available in various formats (a lot still in my head admittedly!) that I would love to share with you as I think you’d find these resources helpful; and for various reasons it just didn’t happen.

What would yours be? And before you start beating yourself up, consider how those disappointments link with your 3 greatest achievements. For me, the flip side of not having developed the membership area is that I’ve consistently delivered on my promise to send you weekly inspirational tips and articles, regardless of what else is happening within the business; come rain, come shine. That’s an achievement I’m proud of and one that will continue. By the way, it also started as a public commitment to action and so you can bet your bottom dollar that having shared this with you, the membership area will take centre stage in my plans for next year!

Like me, you may find that your biggest disappointments are offset by your greatest achievements; and when you make that connection your assessment of your performance will no doubt improve. Instead of berating yourself, you can appreciate the effort you put in and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

So, take your failings; your disappointments from the past 12 months and make a point of learning from them. It’s that never-ending improvement that makes you a better person as well as an inspirational leader to those who are watching and who are choosing to take their lead from us.

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