Ever a Place for Office R.O.M.A.N.C.E? Seven Golden Rules to get it Right!

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Ever a Place for Office R.O.M.A.N.C.E? Seven Golden Rules to get it Right!

If you’ve ever engaged in a workplace romance (or worked in Human Resources and had to deal with the fallout) you will know that they are great fun whilst they’re going well and can be a career disaster when it all goes horribly wrong.

So, how can you ensure your office relationships remain solid in the long-term? Check out these golden rules:

R IS FOR RELATIONSHIPS: People do business with people. The best way to hold onto your customers – as well as find new ones – is by investing time in your work based connections.

O IS FOR OWNERSHIP: Too many people blame their work colleagues when things go sour. Own your mistakes (we all make them) and then take action to put key relationships back on an even keel.

M IS FOR MANAGING EXPECTATIONS: If you’re going to sell your colleagues a dream then make sure you can deliver. Making false promises and then forgetting what you said will kill a relationship.

A IS FOR ACTIVE LISTENING: They say women fall in love with their ears and maybe that’s why we tend to make good listeners. We also like to be heard so tune into what your colleagues are saying and they’ll thank you for it later!

N IS FOR NOTICING: What’s working and what isn’t and what’s going on (in the office) around you. By becoming acutely aware of your environment this can lead to fresh ideas, better ways of working and increased staff cohesiveness.

C IS FOR CONGRUENT COMMUNICATION: Harmonious relationships are more easily maintained by knowing when to sit back and when to contribute. Some people talk to hear their own voice and this isn’t an attractive quality!

E IS FOR EDIFYING OTHERS: As opposed to edifying yourself! There is no better testament to your value at work than when someone voluntarily tells others how good you are.

There you have it – seven steps to relationship heaven in the workplace!

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