Employ Talented Individuals with Suspect Behaviour? It May Come Back to Bite You!

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June 19, 2014
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Employ Talented Individuals with Suspect Behaviour? It May Come Back to Bite You!

FootballsUnbecoming of a high profile footballer, the behaviour Luis Suarez exhibited in Uruguay’s latest World Cup game has been the subject of much debate this week. What must have been going through his head when he decided to bite an opponent? You could argue nothing much, because his actions have come back to bite him! The punishment sanctioned by football’s international governing body (FIFA), significantly outweighs any moment of satisfaction that impetuous act might have given him.

Suarez is a contradiction in terms. Against England he was a match winner and his skill admired. He was the reason we exited the World Cup in the Group stages; along with Mario Balotelli, who hammered the first nail in our coffin by scoring a wonder goal in our opener against Italy. Here’s another footballer who has been described as ‘talented but crazy’. (I think throwing darts at youth players counts as crazy behaviour!)

The dilemma facing any organisation that employs a recognised talent with attitude problems is when to cut your losses and let them go. The business benefits in having them around tend to be short-lived because they’re unlikely to execute those skills on a consistent basis. Eventually they will trigger the self-destruct button and the damage to their reputation, and the Company’s by association, can be irreparable.

I’m a firm believer in giving people the benefit of the doubt and so I’m not suggesting you move employees on after their first mistake. However, a poor attitude is much harder to change than a lack of skill because the individual sees the situation from a different standpoint and may not accept the need to modify their behaviour.

This is where engaging a strong external Coach can be invaluable to the organisation. If you employ talented individuals who are not fulfilling their true potential, click here to start a conversation. I’d be happy to help.

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