Easy Like Sunday Morning? Then You’re Doing What Comes Naturally

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March 3, 2016
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March 18, 2016
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Easy Like Sunday Morning? Then You’re Doing What Comes Naturally

We all hit roadblocks from time to time; particularly if we choose to take the scenic route. How you work around them is also a matter of choice.

Here are three possible approaches for removing these obstacles:

MINIMISE THE LEVERAGE: What you don’t consciously want; but are compelled to do anyway tends to run the show. Actively reduce the amount of control this way of thinking holds over you.

FOCUS FORWARD: Put all your efforts into what you do want; and ramp it up so that it becomes as compelling as possible. If you’re good at planning ahead then you’ll do well with this idea.

TAKE A HOLISTIC APPROACH: Work on the first two suggestions simultaneously. Whilst it takes longer and involves a lot of effort initially; it’s more sustainable in the long-term.

All three lines of attack require discipline, willpower, focus and vision; particularly if the behaviours you want to change are deep-seated. The silver lining: ultimately those new ways of working will become second nature and require little, if any effort.

It’s an individual choice of course; not everyone has the stomach for it. Do you?

This week’s link is Executive Coaching for those who want help shifting those boulders.

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