Doing What Comes Naturally? You Need to Spell it Out!

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April 26, 2014
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Doing What Comes Naturally? You Need to Spell it Out!

Receiving a welcome call from a client, I was surprised when she asked me to clarify a few things in terms of my methodology – how I do what I do.

It turns out she had revisited the Robertson Fox website which hadn’t supplied her with all the information needed to make an informed decision. One of her questions, in particular made me stop and think.

She said “I can see from your website that you do Executive Management Team Coaching and I can see that you do one-to-one Coaching. Do you do them both together because we’re looking for a flexible programme?”

What an interesting question!

One that caused me to wonder…

Why the oversight on my part?

Especially when a blend of one-to-one and team development is an approach I have recommended frequently.

Then I remembered why this wouldn’t be a natural assumption for clients to make. If they have only experienced a singular relationship with me – in this case an individual coaching relationship – how would they know they have the option to combine this with Executive Team Development if a) we haven’t had that conversation and b) it isn’t spelt out on the website!

My team development programmes have evolved organically over time and are very much driven by the needs of my clients. In an age when so much information is simply downloaded off the internet, and delivered as an off-the-shelf package; it’s a key differentiator for me that I take the time to tailor-make a programme, to suit the individual organisation with each new request. So it’s remiss of me not to let people know that service is available to them.

Moreover, how many other questions remain unanswered because the person asking hasn’t picked up the phone?

So, the morale of this story is not to take anything for granted. That goes for you too!

How many part communications do you have that leave people unclear at best; or misinformed in a way that means you miss out on an opportunity you would like to have been a part of?

Give conscious thought to plugging those communication gaps – it could cost you dear if you don’t!

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