Do you Know what Success looks like? Remember, it’s Different for Everyone!

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December 18, 2014
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January 9, 2015
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Do you Know what Success looks like? Remember, it’s Different for Everyone!

Disney_Castle_MoatHaving just finished watching the latest season of The Apprentice it was evident throughout that the winner is a good salesman and that he has the determination to succeed.

Lord Sugar said on numerous occasions throughout the process that he’s in it to make money and doesn’t plan on being the one doing the work. His new business partner clearly enjoys doing deals and topping the sales charts and so, it appears to be a match made in heaven.

What then, if you’re someone who prefers to earn their money rather than make it? By that I mean someone who has a dream of creating something that will eventually become a legacy? Walt Disney is a great example of this and his legacy marches on, almost 50 years after his death.

If you are motivated by the idea of leaving your own footprint then the chances are you will want to run your business and /or your career in a different way. If this describes you then selling thousands of widgets to a mass market might leave you cold; simply because money is not your primary driver.

Neither approach is better by the way; whichever camp you’re in there are ample opportunities to make shed loads of cash. The key is not to get caught up with the idea that success is synonymous with making money; it’s what you’re able to do with that money, once you have it that enables people to feel successful.

Ask yourself if you’ve accomplished something worthwhile, not just over the last 12 months but today; ask yourself the same question again tomorrow and the next day. If you feel that you have then consider which activities have led to a positive response. This will give you strong clues as to your personal motivation.

And make sure you have reviewed and honed your plans for the future. Knowing where you are going and when you expect to arrive is important. Knowing what success will look like when you get there is paramount.


  1. Christine Holroyd says:

    Agree that sucess is not just about making money it is about personal achievment and making your mark and knowing you have made a difference with what ever you have done and learnt along the way to make changes where needed.

    • Thank you for your comment Christine. I think a key part of our ‘sense of achievement’ is the learning we take and how we act on that. Being able to make changes because we have recognised what hasn’t worked (or could work better) is entirely productive and helps us to ‘feel successful’ quicker.

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