Abi Humayun’s Story – Executive Breakthrough (2016)

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January 13, 2017
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Abi Humayun’s Story – Executive Breakthrough (2016)

“Your differentiator as a coach Robyn is the ability to talk to you about all areas of life; not just work, because these days work and life aren’t necessarily separated.”

Differentiator-as-a-CoachI feel like today has closed a chapter for me; a very hard chapter and I want to maintain this motivation. Things have started slotting into place and the penny’s dropped on a few things. Having the time to dedicate to this type of thinking has been great. I have a greater understanding of my personal value and what I bring to the agency.

Where you really add value is that I can talk to you about a whole multitude of things without being judged. You never once made me feel like that’s a bad trait or that my challenges were insignificant; in fact you made me feel positive about those.

Differentiator as a Coach

The other thing that differentiates you is that previously I’ve seen coaches who don’t really help you through your challenges or offer any input themselves. They lead in with questions that keep getting you to the point where you have a moment of enlightenment; whereas sometimes you really want someone to help you or point you in the right direction; or to say “from my observation this is what I see when I see you”.

One of the most difficult things about being at the top of any company is the fact that it can be tricky to gain honest feedback on your performance and to be appraised. When you’re working your way up the ranks you’ve got continual appraisals; you’ve got people reviewing you and you feel like you’re on a path of progress.

I left the day with a clearer understanding of who I am as a person and a leader, with renewed energy and confidence. I had the time later on to reflect on my learnings from the day and formulate some key actions. The clarity I gained from the day was revolutionary and this has enabled me to focus on the future with some tangible action points in place.

You made the session so engaging and enjoyable – thank you so much for that. What we did that day was fantastic and extremely helpful for me.

Abi Humayun, Producer & Co-Founder, Rapport

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