Competition, What Competition? How to make an Impact and Eradicate your Competition in the process

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June 26, 2012
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July 28, 2012
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Competition, What Competition? How to make an Impact and Eradicate your Competition in the process

There are a lot of people out there who share your job title; working for organisations that are selling similar products and services. What they don’t have is YOU and your unique way of doing things. So, what can you do to make an impact and eradicate your competition in the process? Let me give you an example:

There are 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the calendar year and Wimbledon is the one that tennis players most want to win. Why is that? Because the Wimbledon Championships has a number of distinguishing features, not experienced at any of the other Grand Slams and these characteristics have become part of its history and its tradition. The players respect it, the spectators love it and everyone knows what to expect from the tournament, time after time. Here are some of the ways that The Wimbledon Championships differentiates itself from all the rest:

SPECIAL FEATURES – The tournament is played on a grass surface. The grass court season is very short with few opportunities to win a grass-court trophy. This feature limits the list of possible winners considerably and makes competing in this tournament more aspirational.

UNIQUE PACKAGING – The tennis umpire, linesmen and women and ball boys and girls all wear a branded uniform and all the tennis players, without exception are required to wear white when competing – reinforcing the brand, without distraction.

LIMITED ADVERTISING – There is an absence of any sponsored advertising on or around the courts and grounds. You simply see The Wimbledon Championships logo and focus is kept firmly on the product which is the game of tennis.

PRODUCT FOCUS – Players walk onto court to a respectful round of applause; without mascots or live music. Tennis is the singular focus and nothing is allowed to dilute the brand.

EVIDENCED SUPERIORITY – Names of previous winners are etched in gold on the wall of fame. Trophies are on display in glass cabinets and the finalists walk past these as they make their way onto court. The exclusivity of the Championships is promoted and it increases the players’ resolve that this is the tournament to win.

ADDITIONAL SERVICE – The middle Saturday, known as ‘People’s Saturday’ gives the general public a unique opportunity to secure tickets for Centre Court. People queue for hours, in advance, to witness history alongside the rich and famous. The Wimbledon queue has become a legendary part of the event itself; a tradition that has resulted in it becoming regarded as one of the most atmospheric days of the domestic tennis calendar.

The thing to understand is that the Wimbledon Championships is run by a Tennis Club; a club that is running a successful tournament. This tournament has become world renowned, in no small part due to the strength of its brand and how well that brand is being consistently managed.

Which of these features could you employ consistently in order to make an impact and differentiate yourself in your career?

How would the business, industry or sector you are in benefit as a consequence?

So, what’s stopping you?


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