Chris Clarke’s Story – Leadership Team Development (2014)

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March 14, 2014
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March 29, 2014
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Chris Clarke’s Story – Leadership Team Development (2014)

“As I was told she would, Robyn engages with her clients. She doesn’t deliver a spoon fed course, but makes it interactive and tailored to their needs.”

ChrisClarkeIn one way I’m disappointed that we didn’t go through the manual, because I’m intrigued as to what the handouts are.  On the other hand, Robyn could have come in here and broached this as a textbook exercise and many consultants may have gone down that route.  But I knew something about her from before we met.

When I was looking for a Coach based in the North West, I reached out to my alumni of colleagues that I talk to and Robyn’s name came up.  Someone who knew her commented to me that the difference he found was that she engaged with the team.  In my way of looking at things, I like using small businesses rather than corporate organisations that come in and say there’s the menu; choose from it; here’s the bill; we’re done.

And as we worked through the handouts, Robyn suddenly took us completely off piste and I thought ‘That approach is what I was told would happen!’  She got us to a point where she was tailoring this – I suspect by the hour – and she introduced us to stuff we’ve never come across before, and helped us to find a way that works for us.

When we were working on our action plans, Robyn said ‘if you want to put it in a spreadsheet and that works for you go for it. It’s about the output; and does it relate to you and can you use it because it’s a tool for you.  I don’t care if you write in crayon!’  And that to me was the professionalism coming through.

I’ve enjoyed the programme immensely. What I was sold on was Robyn’s style and that was more so than I even expected it would be.

Chris Clarke, Managing Director, Desch Plantpak Limited

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