Charlotte Gallagher’s Story: Executive Breakthrough (2012)

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Charlotte Gallagher’s Story: Executive Breakthrough (2012)

“I want to thank Robyn for a truly inspiring Executive Breakthrough day. I had been putting this off for some time as there was always something more important than my own development to focus on. Now I wish I had done this ages ago!”

CharlotteI learned a lot about myself on the day: exploring who I am in a work setting and a personal setting and where the similarities and differences were. It was a day focusing on me, which was very unusual.

I got real learning in terms of who I am as a leader and who do I want to be?  What makes a strong leader, and where are my strengths and weaknesses and what have I already got in place that helps with those weaknesses and what would I need to put in place to manage those weaknesses? What is it that I need to focus on?

I’ve put more in place in the last three months than I have in the last eighteen! I feel empowered in terms of moving forward. I’ve got a clear agenda and I feel far more in control of where the business is going because the plan is there and I’m prepared for the opportunities that arise.

I also know what I don’t want – I’m able to say no!  Now I feel that I’m steering the ship, I’m leading the ship and empowering the team to come with me.  I’m not dragging them along.  I feel really positive about it.

The next step is to look at how we deliver against the plans, where I am and how that is going to manifest itself going forward.  There was a lot of information I could take away from the breakthrough day and immediately do something with; and with others. It’s a slow burn. It’s got to land and sink in and I’ve got to reflect on what that means to me.  It helped me focus.

The breakthrough day keeps on giving, actually.  It helped me focus and I keep going back to my notes and my experience of that day and each time I pick up different things.

Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director, P3 People Management

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