Birgit Wilde’s Story – Personality Profiling (2009)

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July 28, 2009
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Birgit Wilde’s Story – Personality Profiling (2009)

“As part of my coaching work with Robyn, we discussed the merits of personality profiling. Specifically, how it could help me get a better understanding of my motives, values and preferences. Also, it looked at my ‘bright side’ (how I come across to others) and my ‘dark side’ (interpersonal behaviour in out of comfort situations). I could access the questionnaires online and I could complete these at a place and time convenient for me.”

Personality profilingRobyn presented the results in a very different format from your stereotypical, computer-generated report. With those you can’t help thinking that the only thing that gets changed is the [insert name here] field.

Instead, I had a two hour session where Robyn explained in great detail the results of the questionnaires. And she explained their implications in general terms and what this would mean specifically for me.

The value of Psychometric profiling lies in the approach to feedback

The quality and accuracy of the information was impressive. And Robyn used examples that were totally relevant to my situation. It was hugely valuable to have the results explained. And to receive the feedback face-to-face. As a result I was able to put the personality profiling into context.

I now recognise and understand why I behave – and had behaved – in certain ways, in some situations.  I have found that to be an invaluable experience. In addition, it has also enabled me to shape parts of my new job role to play to my strengths.

Birgit Wilde, Senior Relationship Manager, Epsilon International

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