A Prophet is Never Recognised in Their own Country!

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January 7, 2016
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A Prophet is Never Recognised in Their own Country!

Pharaoh_Eagle_OwlWe make far too many assumptions about how our conversations are received (and processed); and we take it for granted that people ‘get the message’ when the reality is most people don’t – or they take away one we hadn’t intended.

For example, if our customers don’t know the full extent of what we can do for them how can they help us? And people like to help!

One of my closest friends proved this point to me. Several years into my business this particular friend had an epiphany and realised there were several ways she could use my services; to help her current employer in their organisation.

Sound like great news? It was and yet I was horrified. I had no clue that during those initial years she didn’t think she could help; partly because she didn’t understand my full repertoire and she didn’t think she knew the right people. This is someone who knows me better than most and if SHE didn’t get me then what chance did everyone else have?

It seems to be human nature not to see what’s on our doorstep. The initial service we buy defines the supplier. It doesn’t occur to us that they may be able to provide other things. In my case, if a client’s experience of me was one-to-one Coaching they might not have thought to engage me to work with their Senior Leadership Teams.

The learning here is to take nothing for granted and to let friends and contacts know ALL that you do; particularly when you change an approach or develop something new.

By having those types of conversation, you may be surprised at the new avenues of opportunity which open up before you.


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