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December 17, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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A Creative Call to Action…

Billboard_RhymeI love the creativity of this advertising board sat outside the venue for a recent Christmas party. It portrayed a light-hearted call to action:

“Come in, buy our wine and drink at the bar.”

By its very nature advertising is designed to draw us in, hoping we will feel compelled to make a purchase. For one reason or another we are all engaged in some form of marketing, whether that’s a conscious process or not.

Personally, I’m attracted to people and companies who adopt a cheerful and carefree approach to selling their wares; those who don’t take themselves too seriously or become full of their own self-importance.

An employee in that wine bar took the time to write the poem – and rhyming poems do take a while to write even if they consist of only one verse. More than that, it shows a level of employee engagement, interest and creativity.

It certainly provoked a conversation between myself and my friends and has resulted in some unsolicited advertising for the wine bar in question.

Cheers La Vina!

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