3 Key Things a Great Leader Should Remember

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September 5, 2015
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September 18, 2015
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3 Key Things a Great Leader Should Remember

When asked what I believed to be the three key things a great leader should remember, I took a moment to think about it. Arguably, I could have answered this student’s question in several different ways.

Leadership is such a broad subject. And numerous definitions abound. So, I thought about the leadership traits that, when present, can have the greatest positive impact on a business and its employees.

I responded with three characteristics that I admire in business leaders. More than that, I have seen first-hand the unity and co-operation that emanates from this winning combination. They are not the easiest to demonstrate mind you. And you can’t really teach them. Managers have to look inside for those qualities. And some have to search much harder than others!

So, here is what I said a great leader should remember:

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING AUTHENTIC: Authentic leaders are self-aware and genuine.
They are courageous enough to admit their mistakes without worrying about looking weak. They behave consistently with employees, colleagues and peers.

TO PRACTICE HUMILITY: This includes actively seeking feedback and empowering others to be autonomous. Managers who can demonstrate humility will deliver better employee engagement and job performance.

DEVELOP THE ABILITY TO INSPIRE: This means being able to sell the company vision whilst supporting people to deal with current issues. Make sure your team feel invested in the accomplishments of the company and remember to commend team members for their efforts.

A great leader is congruent with these traits installed

You will see all three traits present in a great leader. And they will undoubtedly have a direct and positive business impact. In addition, another benefit is that when we demonstrate these behaviours, those working with us will be happier in their work and can perform at a higher level.

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