By implication, as an aspiring leader you are not yet where you want to be. Whether you are the Finance Director of an organisation who aspires to be the CEO or a Team member who aspires to become Team Leader, you are no doubt looking to develop your leadership capability in order to progress your career.

Maybe you aspire to lead a team or become Managing Director of the business that employs you or even aspire to run your own successful business one day.

Day to day, you are probably dealing with some of these challenges:

  • A tougher day job – twice the effort for less return
  • Staying focused – when things aren’t going to plan
  • Indecision – in other people
  • Fighting fires – and stoking the fires
  • Lack of time to think

Given the nature of the current climate you may find yourself constantly busy and unable to take the time to take a long-term view. Defining what you want, career wise and why you want it takes thinking time. Your challenge is finding the space to do that and then to put the necessary career milestones in place to move you forward at an appropriate pace.

At some point you’ll need to devote some time towards developing your natural leadership style and to fully understanding your leadership strengths and the business opportunities for you to demonstrate them. There are a number of ways in which Robertson Fox can help you to do that.

What we have done successfully with other aspirational leaders is to start with Module 1 of the Leadership Effectiveness Series which will reinforce effective leadership behaviour. This means you’ll be able to positively impact the experience others have of working with you – including your experience of you.

Typically, we have found this to be a good starting point to help aspirational leaders to move forward in the achievement of business and career-related goals and ambitions.    

Whilst the Leadership Effectiveness Series is our recommended starting point, there are a range of other Team and Peer / Group Development Services that we provide for individuals in positions similar to yours.

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